Dog Grooming in McMinnville

Pets Stop Inn is one of the largest dog grooming salons in Yamhill County. We staff half a dozen veteran groomers with years of experience. We groom hundreds of dogs every month, so we see every kind of breed and offer a variety of styles. Call now to make an appointment with our grooming team to discuss your grooming preferences or ask for a breed-specific cut. Either way, we make sure that you leave happy and keep detailed records to ensure consistency and quality in future visits! You can also fill out the form below to request a grooming appointment.


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Q: How does pricing work?
A: Pricing depends on the breed and size of the dog. If our groomers need to spend extra time brushing or grooming for things like a matted coat, we charge a higher price. Please speak with one of our groomers if you have questions about pricing.

Q: How long does a grooming appointment take?
A: You should typically expect 2-3 hours. Some large breeds with thick fur can take 4-5 hours before they are ready for pick up.

Q: How often should I bring my dog in? Do you sell grooming packages?
A: We recommend that you bring your dog in every five weeks. We currently offer a "maintenance discount" for frequent clients. If your next grooming appointment is within five weeks of the previous appointment, you save $5.