Dog Daycare in McMinnville

Daycare at Pets Stop Inn is designed to be a fun and action-packed day for your dog. In this off-leash setting we provide exercise, activities, and lots of human interaction. This ensures that your dog leaves happy, well-exercised, and with better social manners. Our staff is well educated in dog behavior and ensures that all play is well balanced and that behavior is appropriate. We give each dog some personal attention and try to reinforce basic obedience commands throughout the day. We highly recommend Pets Stop Inn Daycare for younger dogs, dogs with lots of energy, and for dogs who need good social interaction.


Why Choose Pets Stop Inn Daycare?

  • Conveniently located minutes off OR-99W
  • Climate controlled indoor play area
  • Outside access
  • Balanced play and rest schedule
  • Lots of play and exercise 
  • Separate large and small dogs
  • Supervised and safe play
  • Reinforces appropriate social behavior
  • Helps prevent chewing, barking, digging, and other destructive behaviors