Pets Stop Inn is a home away from home for your dog when you can't be with them. We strive to provide a fun, safe and healthy environment for your dogs because we know that they deserve it! From the moment that you drive up and they hop out, the fun begins. Our facility offers large indoor enclosures, suites, and private outdoor runs. We offer frequent elimination breaks outside and many activities to be included in your stay. The "Play Package" includes 3 playgroups through out the day with a short night walk to eliminate and get any last energy out before bedtime. Play groups are divided based off size and personality of all our guests and last approximately 30 minutes. Besides dog-and-dog play, our staff plays fetch and other games, gives out scratches and love, and practices basic obedience commands with the dogs. For dogs that are non-social or can't handle frequent exercise, We offer a "Tender Love and Care (TLC)" package that offers privacy and one-on-one time. The TLC package can also accommodates puppies that stay with us and require frequent bathroom breaks and one-on-one learning. 


Dog Boarding Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I bring food from home for my dog to eat?
A: Yes. We ask that you bring your own food and bag and label each serving separately. We feed twice a day.

Q: Can I bring bedding for my dog to use while he stays?
A: Yes. We provide basic bedding but if you prefer something else it must be machine washable. 

Q: Does my dog have to be spayed or neutered?
A: No. However, In some situations they may not be allowed to participate in playgroups.

Q: What vaccinations or paperwork do you need before my dog can stay with you?
A:  Each dog is required to show proof of vaccinations in advance for Bordetella, DHLPP, and Rabies. New owners must sign a boarding agreement.

Q: How do you charge for dog boarding?
A: The day of arrival is always a charge day. If your dog is picked up before 10am on the day of departure, there will be no charge. There is no minimum length requirement for a stay except during certain peak rates (Spring Break, Christmas, etc.). We charge additional amounts for large dogs and during peak rates.