The Williams & Reynolds Family

The Reynolds family own and operate Reynolds Kennels in Tualatin, Oregon. It started out as a daughter's dream and evolved into a state-of-the-art facility where they offer dog boarding and daycare that the family runs and operates. In recent years business has grown and we have hired many dog lovers in the community to help out. We wanted to increase the scope of our business further and be able to provide quality care for dogs and owners outside of just Tualatin. We are very excited to now be running Pets Stop Inn and to become acquainted with the community in McMinnville. The Reynold's oldest daughter Madelyn, and her husband Tucker, will be managing Pets Stop Inn. They reside in McMinnville and are very excited to be raising their daughter Norah there. Tucker is a certified dog obedience instructor and has a background in managing small businesses. 

reynolds family picture.jpg